Red. AND007656. Size- 60x40 cm.

Rs. 479 Rs. 679
  • These Door Mats for Home and Bath by HOKIPO uses the latest Hot Melt Spray Backing technology. Due to this, the mats, unlike the PVC and TPR mats, are completely plastic-free and hence more machine friendly for a wash.
  • Water under the rug can cause it to slip. Keep the bottom of the rug dry. This is the same with all the bath rugs across all the brands globally.
  • Made with Chenille fabric, it absorbs water quickly, thereby leaving your feet super dry and warm. It also keeps the mat free from molds and fungus. It's crafted from thick and velvety microfiber chenille which is supersoft and superabsorbent leaving you with complete confidence to step out of the shower.
  • HOKIPO Door Mats and Bathmats are completely machine washable. Please remember to machine wash separately in cold water using mild detergent. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry on low setting and shake to restore fluff.
  • HOKIPO bath mats come in a variety of beautiful colors and designs, suitable for any space like a bathroom, living room, dry area, outside the door, or kitchen.