AND009243. Toothbrush Holder with Gargle Cups

Rs. 1099 Rs. 1299
  • HOKIPO magic sticker adhesive strip provides a load-bearing capacity of up to 5KG to your wall mounted bathroom accessories.
  • HOKIPO MAGIC STICKER is an innovative formula that grasps the surface firmly and greatly improves the loading ability and service life of wall-mounted accessories in bathroom, kitchens, and elsewhere in the home, with no damage to your walls.
  • No More ugly holes in your bathroom. Simply choose a smooth surface such as tiles, glass, metal.
  • Installation Tip - Clean and Dry the surface of the application before putting the magic sticker. Press and Flat the magic sticker pad, squeeze the air out from the middle to edge. Fit the toothbrush holder on the hooks given on the magic sticker and you are done.
  • Made of high-quality plastic. Has drainage holes to let excess water seep. Assembly can be easily removed from the adhesive strip for easy cleaning. Comes with 3 gargle cups that also act as a cover for your toothbrush.
  • If the Sticker falls off within 12 months of your order date, we will give you a fresh sticker as a replacement.